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ASTM F136 revision

One of the most commonly used materials for body jewelry, the ASTM F136 – Standard Specification for Wrought Titanium-6Aluminum-4Vanadium ELI (Extra Low Interstitial) …


Perhaps if he was more diplomatic and better demonstrated his hypothesis he would have had a better response from his colleagues

Returning explants to patients

In developing a policy on the return of explants to patients [or previously worn body jewelry to clients] there are many concerns and issues that need to be considered and addressed.

Hand Hygiene — NEJM

Hand Hygiene in the New England Journal of Medicine Complete with interesting video Hand Hygiene Yves Longtin, M.D., Hugo Sax, M.D., Benedetta …

Useful information on antimicrobial cleaning agents

useful info on antimicrobials

http://www.fightgermsnow.com/ A useful collection of scientific studies on antimicrobial use in clinical and home settings.

Transdermal piercing re-purposed for medical use

A curious and hopeful article about a transdermal implant modified for a practical palliative use.
In brief: A surgeon saw this type of mod at a piercing studio when taking his children to have their ears pierced, and made a version for helping patients swallow.

Understanding Facial Protection

A little more about face masks: they were designed to protect the patient from the healthcare practitioner, not the other way around