STATIM Sterilizers, Anodizers, and more for Professional Body artists

Note, products ship from the USA. has other options specific for requirements around the world: Europe, UK and Canada


Quality products selected for body piercers and tattooists

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STATIM 2000 G4 right
Statim 2000 G4
List price $7,287.93
Save $797.93
Statim 2000 G4
Latest revision STATIM 2000 G4 for Piercers with new touchscreen, PC board, and probe bracket with recessed thermocouple
Training and expert support included!
Cutting Edge Sterilization
StatClave G4
StatClave G4
List price $9,852.10
Save $702.10
StatClave G4
STATCLAVE G4 is a Class B vacuum sterilizer with an 11 inch chamber as a companion to your STATIM for loads of packages

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