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Didn't Wash Hands alarm, Gary Larson — The Far Side

“Didn’t Wash Hands” Alarm

Our friends at the CDC created a helpful website about hand washing, which is worth the time to read through. I particularly …


Perhaps if he was more diplomatic and better demonstrated his hypothesis he would have had a better response from his colleagues

Learn about sea salt

Have you ever visited a salt evaporation pond? It was enough to dissuade me from any desire to put unrefined sea salt in an open wound.

Hand Hygiene — NEJM

Hand Hygiene in the New England Journal of Medicine Complete with interesting video Hand Hygiene Yves Longtin, M.D., Hugo Sax, M.D., Benedetta …

Skin antiseptics for piercing preparation

I like the idea of a single non-staining, non-toxic agent that Techni-Care represented for skin preparation, and have been trying other options. Here is some further information, a fun presentation, and some links