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Important update: STATIM is not a flash sterilizer

The Statim autoclave is a general purpose steam sterilizer, not a “flash” sterilizer. It can sterilize wrapped as well as unwrapped loads, and the removable cassette chamber provides sealed aseptic transport for sterilized unwrapped items to the point of use.

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AAMI, AORN, APIC Issue Immediate Use Sterilization Statement

…“flash sterilization” is an antiquated term that does not fully describe the various steam sterilization cycles now used to process items not intended to be stored for later use. Read the full ST79 Statement for details here and AAMI Article here (March 2011 sterilization)


FDA approved SciCan instructions for unwrapped sterilization:

The StatIM units have been tested and validated to support all claims that we put forth as an intended use for these products.

5.2.1. Unwrapped Cycle

(STATIM 2000 G4)
The Unwrapped Cycle is a general purpose sterilization cycle used to sterilize up to 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) of solid metal instruments such as pliers, burrs, scalers and forceps. Dental handpieces [lumens] may be sterilized in this cycle.

To select the Unwrapped Cycle, press the Unwrapped Cycle button, then press the START button.

The sterilization temperature in the cassette is 134 °C (273 °F) and the holding time is 3.5 minutes. See Section STATIM 2000 G4 — Cassette, and Section Preparing and Loading Instruments before running this cycle.

STATIM 2000/5000 G4 Operator’s Manual 95-113364 Rev. 1.0 Copyright 2012 SciCan Ltd. All rights reserved.

A 2014 Canadian reference to unwrapped sterilization that does not conflate it with “Flash/Immediate use” risks:

Non-Hospital Surgical Facility Standards & Guidelines Revised March 2016 v23 Critical equipment that is sterilized unwrapped shall be used immediately and not stored. Semi-critical equipment sterilized unwrapped shall be stored in a clean, dry area until use. Equipment shall be cleaned and dried before an unwrapped sterilization cycle. Lumens shall be flushed with sterile water prior to sterilization. Sterility of unwrapped devices shall be maintained during removal from the sterilizer and direct transport to point of use. Sterilized wrapped goods shall not be handled until cooled to maintain sterility

-NHSF Standards & Guidelines
©Copyright 2004 College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta
Accessed Jan 19, 2017

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