Brian W Skellie returns to BMXnet 2023 as a speaker

I am delighted to be speaking and holding workshops at the 17th annual BMXnet event on the 7th to 10th of September 2023. It is a special opportunity to share ideas and techniques with our peers for professional growth. I’m looking forward to the enriching experience with all of you who can participate again!

Updated & New Classes
for BMXnet 2023

Needle Control + Workshop – Thu. 11am-12:30pm on Stage

“Needle control” refers to the precise manipulation and handling of piercing needles during the piercing process. This class focuses on teaching participants how to confidently control the needle’s movement for accurate and controlled piercings, minimizing discomfort for the client. The “workshop” aspect implies that attendees will have the opportunity to engage in practical exercises to improve their needle control skills, potentially using simulators or safe training materials.

Needle Bending & Modification – Thu. 7pm-8:30pm
Needles with Ruben and Brian

This class will be centered around modifying piercing needles to suit specific piercing situations. Needle bending and modification involves altering the angle or shape or the needle tip to accommodate different piercing placements, anatomies, or jewelry styles. This skill can be especially valuable for piercers who encounter unique client needs or want to offer more specialized piercing services.

by: Brian Skellie & Rubén Triguero

Needle Blanks Tips & Tricks Fri. 9am-10:30am

What is a needle blank? The use of needle blanks in disposable piercing technique, how to make tools with them.

Needle blanks are an essential component in the field of body piercing. They are clean, deburred and precisely sized needle tubing without a sharp point, typically made from high-quality stainless steel. These blanks serve as the foundation for creating various types of piercing needles. They play a crucial role in a single use/disposable piercing technique.

The single use/disposable piercing technique has gained popularity due to its emphasis on hygiene and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. In this technique, piercers use sterilized single-use needles and tools, eliminating the need for reprocessing. The needle blanks can come into play in this process, as they allow piercers to customize and create piercing devices to suit different types of piercings, ensuring a more comfortable and accurate piercing experience for the client.

by: Brian Skellie & Rubén Triguero

Open Piercing Workshop – Fri. 4pm-8:30pm

This is an open piercing workshop – if enough attendees want to get pierced, we will have a lot to talk about, demonstrate etc. … so get ready for some hands-on action!

by: Brian Skellie & more

Understanding Materials – Sat. 11am-12:30pm
Body jewelry verification program phase 1 logo.

This class delves into the various materials used in body jewelry, their properties, and their compatibility with different types of piercings and skin sensitivities. Topics will include specifications for metals, polymers, glass, and other materials commonly used in body jewelry, discussing factors like biocompatibility qualities, durability and why standards matter. Includes details about the APP Body Jewelry Verification Program: Phases 1 and 2.

Anodizing is Awesome! #anodizingisawesome – Sat. 4pm-5:30pm

Anodizing Class + Scientastic Demonstration!

Brian Skellie makes it easy for you to anodize your titanium and niobium body jewelry with detailed information and rationale, accompanied by live demonstration and step by step instructions. How can this surface finish process make a difference in your client’s healing results? How can you re-anodize for client jewelry if the color has worn off? These questions and more answered in this class.

Topics covered:

  • How and why to include anodization into your workflow for a cleaner and less reactive surface finish
  • How to offer instant coloration / re-colorization for customers
Anodization Advanced – Sun. 9am-10:30am
Hands-On live anodizing

Anodizing Class + Scientastic Demonstration!

Advanced class is extra paid (50 EUR)

FREE for those who purchased their Anodizer or STATIM from Brian through or, and includes membership to Brian’s anodization training group.

Advanced Anodizing Techniques for Body Jewelry

Scientastic live demonstration!

Advanced class is paid or free for those who purchased their anodizer from Brian, and includes membership to a private professional anodizing forum full of videos, photos and expert user advice and detailed educational guide and color chart as a PDF download.

*Discounted for current anodizer owners and those who have already attended one of Brian’s previous Anodizing workshops

Piercing Techniques + Hands-On Live Piercing

This class covers a comprehensive range of piercing techniques, including discussion of sterilization, placement considerations, and proper procedures for different types of piercings. The “hands-on live piercing” component indicates that participants will have the opportunity to observe or participate in actual piercing procedures under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This type of interactive learning helps aspiring piercers gain practical skills in a controlled environment.


See you soon!
See you soon!

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