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StatClave G4

STATCLAVE G4 is a Class B vacuum sterilizer with an 11 inch chamber as a companion to your STATIM for loads of packages
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Product Details
Brand: SciCan
Model: StatClave G4

*(120V) Wifi enabled, waste water direct to drain included

This changes everything. Again.

Introducing the STATCLAVE™ Chamber Autoclave

With the reliability and trust you’ve come to expect from STATIM, the STATCLAVE G4 is designed to deliver speed, capacity and efficiency to your practice. STATCLAVE is a Class B vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both pre-sterilization vacuum to improve steam penetration and post-sterilization vacuum to improve drying. Its 11” chamber and vacuum-assisted closed-door drying efficiently delivers sterilized and dried wrapped instruments.



STATCLAVE can efficiently sterilize and dry wrapped instrument loads in as little as 38 minutes.


Closed-door drying and vacuum technology results in perfectly dried instruments every time.

G4 Technology

SciCan’s G4 equipment can connect and send information to your smart devices or computer so you can have cycle data, instructions, and maintenance notifications at your fingertips.


STATCLAVE’s 11” chamber can sterilize up to four full-size cassettes and 4 exam cassettes or 20 pouches with included pouch racks.


STATCLAVE offers a number of filling & draining options, including easily accessible and cleanable top reservoirs, front manual fill and a rear automatic fill option that can be connected to the VistaPure water filtration system for automated filling.


Fresh water is used in every cycle, reducing the buildup of oils and debris.

STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave

Featuring the STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave for sterilizing dental instruments.

STATCLAVE G4 Launch at PDC 2019

Ted Gray and Melissa Summerfield discuss the latest innovation from SciCan, the STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave.


An overview of installing, operating, and maintaining the SciCan STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave.

Cycle Times and Maximum Load Weights (120v)

Temperature / Time
Cycle Times*
Maximum Load Weight
Solid Unwrapped
270°F (132°C) / 4 mins
18 mins
13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Solid Wrapped
270°F (132°C) / 4 mins
44 mins
13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Hollow Unwrapped
270°F (132°C) / 4 mins
23 mins
13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Hollow Wrapped
270°F (132°C) / 4 mins
50 mins
13.2 lbs (6 kg)
270°F (132°C) / 4 mins
49 mins
4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Rubber & Plastic
250°F (121°C) / 20 mins
36 mins
4.4 lbs (2 kg)

*Cycle time will vary depending on instrument load.

Unit Specifications

Unit size (L x W x H)†
25” x 17.75" x 19.5" / 635 x 450 x 495mm
6.87 gal (26 L)
Chamber Dimensions (D x L)
11" diameter, 15" depth / 297 x 381mm
61.6 kg (135.8 lbs) (without water and packaging)
120V, 60Hz, 12 A

†On the right side, allow 2” (50mm) of space for ventilation. Allow for at least 7” (180mm) above unit to enable access to reservoirs. If less than 7” (180mm), screw on hinges can be removed to allow reservoir lid to slide in and out of position.




Operator Manual

STATCLAVE G4 Quick Reference Guide

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