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Anodizer Anodizer

The Anodizer your studio needs, with training and expert support!

  • Support and membership to our private forum full of information videos, photos, expert user advice and inspiration is included!
  • Includes Anodizing is Awesome class, a LIVE online one-on-one instructional course all about anodizing body jewelry. Approximately one hour by video chat or telephone.
  • The power to create scintillating colors, run larger baths and precise control.
  • It is the right power supply for both one of a kind and production anodizing of body jewelry.
  • Full digital voltage and amperage meters — 0 to 120 Volts.
  • Extremely fine controls for more color options, and more precision.
  • Anodizing titanium parts such as jewelry before sterilization and wear renders the surface smoother and passive.
  • The anodization process removes microscopic particulate matter that would otherwise be missed by acid or alkaline cleaning, solvents, steam and ultrasonic methods. [*Reference — ASTM F-86 standard method for surface finish and passivation]
  • This anodizer include two sets of color coded leads, one pair of rubber gloves, one stainless steel cathode and full instructions and support.
  • In addition, Brian Skellie's body art specific instruction, tips and tricks gathered over two decades of experience to color and passivate titanium and niobium body jewelry with safe and artistic effects.

Come to a presentation, or contact Brian for more information

In Europe? Order 220-240V units from us at piercers.com

$275 In stock
Brand:Reactive Metals
Anodizer Kit and accessories *Standard kit*: This anodizer kit includes 2 sets of color coded leads, 1 pair of rubber gloves, 1 stainless steel cathode, full instructions & support for the beginner to advanced. (0) Complete: Everything you need to get started! Includes *Standard kit* as listed above + TSP-PF electrolyte, MINI Grabber with Niobium Tip, Small parts basket & 1ft of 16g Niobium wire. (25)
Brian explaining how to anodize at BMXnet 2010 An example of STATIM 2000 autoclave, Sys-TM 3 instrument organizers and SMT Micro Anodizer used together STATIM 2000 autoclave, AquaSTAT water distiller and SMT Micro Anodizer used together STATIM 2000 autoclave and SMT Micro Anodizer used together Two STATIM 2000 autoclaves and SMT Micro Anodizer used together STATIM 2000 autoclave and SMT Micro Anodizer used together STATIM 2000 autoclave, Surgical Sterilization trays and SMT Micro Anodizer used together Nb anodizing "wand" with mesh basket for matching results on multiple items

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