Infection Control Today – 09/2003: Surgical Prep: The Right Product for the Right Function

Another article on choosing the right surgical prep solution Until Technicare returns… Infection Control Today – 09/2003: Surgical Prep : Surgical Prep: The Right Product for the Right Function. CHG risks Technicare substitutes

Grand Challenges – Engineering Challenges

Grand Challenges – Engineering Challenges. The century ahead poses challenges as formidable as any from millennia past. NAE Recognizes 2013 Grand Challenges Scholars Watch Recorded Video of the Summit US Global Grand Challenges Summit Video Contest Winners Announced Here are the Grand Challenges for engineering as determined by a committee of the National Academy of … Read moreGrand Challenges – Engineering Challenges

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This site is for musing, rambling, pontificating and sharing my philosophy, technique and motivations. Mostly this is about the refinement of body art and related ideas. I am interested in offering my point of view to discover what we can do together with your feedback. :: In community, Brian Skellie – January 2010