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Refill Dry Wipes (18/case) (Can not included)

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Brand: SciCan
Model: Optim

STAT-Wipes work well with OptIM disinfectant cleaner

Save with Stat-wipes

Premium Quality dry towelette refills

STAT-Wipes allow you to make your own disinfection wipes by adding the surface disinfectant of your choice such as OPTIM 33TB to our premium dry towelettes.

*Please note that OPTIM 1 or OPTIM 33TB chemical has to be ordered separately

STAT-Wipes are an easy-to-use and environmentally responsible solution for your surface disinfection needs.



The wipes feature a special superior quality design. The unique, non-woven bond pattern with uniform pore size ensures that the liquid is present on the substrate rather than being absorbed.

The result:
  • The liquid is deposited onto the surface instead of staying inside the wipe
  • Wipes remain thoroughly wet and do not dry out
  • Durable and strong with no lint residue
  • Capable of covering a large area with minimal wipe use
  • Economical consumption with less waste
  • Please note: Empty cans no longer sold separately

Instructions, when using with OPTIM 33TB:

  1. Remove lid and fill container with 25 oz. (about 3 cups) of Optim 1 or Optim 33TB surface disinfectant.
  2. Pull up corner of first wipe from center of roll and push 1/2” to 3/4” through X in lid.
  3. Replace lid.
  4. Lift lid top and pull up wipes one at a time.

When used with surface disinfectants other than OPTIM 1 or Optim 33TB, we recommend that the customer contact the chemical manufacturer to obtain more information on proper usage.

To prevent excess waste, simply reuse the STAT-Wipes container. Just insert a new roll of dry wipes and add 25 oz. of surface disinfectant. It's that easy.

* Please note that chemical has to be ordered separately. To order OPTIM 33TB or Optim 1

OPTIM 1 and OPTIM 33 TB are One-Step Disinfectant Cleaners that offer the optimal infection control choice that helps you maintain a clean and safer working environment.

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