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Anodic Marker

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Brand: Reactive Metals

Anodic Marker Lead

Now you can "write" or "draw" anodize with complete control of your electrolyte. The pump action marker makes it super easy.

Just fill the marker with electrolyte using the included dropper. Depress the tip to release the electrolyte. Too much? Dab on a paper towel. Too little? Depress again.

Use on niobium or titanium that has been clipped to your red (anode) lead.

Replacement 2mm tips available.
Ships with plastic dropper.

5" marker with a 28" cord.

Developed in partnership with Reactive Metals Studio Inc by John S. Miller.

2mm Anodic Marker Lead $39.95 each

2 pack replacement tip $6.48 each
Replacement Dropper $.60 each
Replacement Rubber Stopper $1.69 each


  1. Remove the stopper from the end of the marker.
  2. Using the supplied dropper, fill marker with electrolyte.
  3. Replace stopper firmly using a twist motion.
  4. Plug lead into the black (cathode) jack on your anodizer.
  5. Holding upright, depress tip end of marker until it becomes wet with electrolyte. Avoid flooding the tip-if there is too much liquid just blot on a paper towel.

⚠️⚡It is not advisable to turn the voltage up high and touch your piece with the marker. This can damage your marker as well as your anodizer. Start low, keeping the tip saturated with electrolyte and turn up the voltage slowly.

⚠️⚡Do NOT let the tip dry out as burn marks can occur on the metal if tip is too dry. Tips can be removed and the alternate end used once first end has become worn.

⚠️⚡Do NOT pull the lead out of jack by the cord, hold on to the banana plug when removing. By using this item, you agree to assume all risks and responsibilities associated with its use.

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