SciCan U | Handwashing

SciCan created a helpful site for  infection control practices.

Here for example is a section on Handwashing.


To wash hands properly, rub all parts of the hands and wrists with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. Wash hands for at least 15 seconds or more. Pay special attention to fingertips, between fingers, backs of hands and base of the thumbs.

  • Keep nails short
  • Wash wrists and forearms if they are likely to have been contaminated
  • Remove watches, rings and bracelets
  • Do not use artificial nails
  • Make sure that sleeves are rolled up and do not get wet during washing
  • Avoid chipped nail varnish

Catalogue No. CIB-4446797. March 2007. Copyright Queen’s Printer for Ontario.

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