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VistaPure Replacement Filter Pack

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Brand: SciCan
Model: Statim, StatClave, Bravo, Hydrim C, Hydrim L

Filters for your Steri-Center’s best friend.

VistaPure™ provides two grades of high-quality water for autoclaves, dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners and instrument washers for the ultimate convenience.

VistaPure filter replacement schedule details

It is not typically necessary to change all the filters at the same time. The pre-filter and polishing filter should be changed at least once per year and the deionization and hyper filtration filters changed only as needed as indicated by TDS tests.
Here are some basic guidelines: pre-filter and polishing filter elements should be changed annually in relatively rare instances of source water with unusually high levels of sediment or debris such as areas surrounded by heavy construction. The pre filter element may need to be changed more frequently due to premature plugging of the filter.
The ionization filters typically last anywhere from four months to three years depending on the volume of usage and the quality of the local water supply. Both the ionization filters should be changed whenever the system mounted TDS meter in the "out" position displays a number equal to or greater than four parts per million. It's important never to fill an autoclave with water with greater than five parts per million TDS.
VistaPure's hyper filtration element typically only needs to be replaced every three to five years depending on the volume of usage and the quality and pressure of the local water supply. Replace the hyper filtration element whenever the system mounted TDS meter in the "in" position exceeds 10% of the TDS of the municipal water supply feeding the system as measured with the included handheld meter checking water quality with the provided TDS meters monthly will help you keep ahead of required filter changes.
Please note that water should be running through the system when checking water quality using the system mounted TDS meter, simply run the Vista peer faucet for a few moments in the system will start to produce water and yield accurate results. Also please note that all filters are not created equal using inferior knockoff filter elements or following protocols different from those specified by the manufacturer may result in less than desirable outcomes and inhibits our ability to provide customer service and warranty support for the system.

How to Change VistaPure Filters

The Prefilter & Polishing filter should be changed at least once per year, and the Deionization and Hyperfiltration filters only need to be changed on an as-needed basis.

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