Learn about piercing bumps

Have you noticed some sort of raised bump at the exit point of your piercing?

This could be due to a number of sources of irritation or infection that can result in overgrowth of scar tissue when the healing process is disrupted. There may be a single, simple solution though it commonly may take a combination of protective measures to help this turn out well.

Often a piercing done at an angle to the tissue other than perpendicular, or with a slightly irritating shape or material like steel or an alloy of gold (usually including copper, silver and trace metals) can cause irritation and prevent complete healing. You can have a qualified professional switch it to a sterilized piece of anodized titanium jewelry made of certified implant material for better success. https://jewelry.piercing.org/ can explain more about selecting a safe piece.

Other notable cofactors the irritation could be related to:

  • cleaning products you use; chemical or particulate irritation
  • the shape and size of the jewelry; a piece out of proportion to your body
  • mechanical friction/motion of the jewelry; moving it around too much
  • sleeping on the piercing; putting pressure on the jewelry
  • tap water/moisture not dried off completely; fluid causing ulceration of the wound bed

>> The shape, friction, and your sleeping habits could be the big issues. For these reasons I avoid overly loose fitted or ring shaped jewelry for healing most piercings.

Stop by for a free consultation if you are in the area, or let me know where you are so that I may refer you to someone qualified nearby to take a look at it.I can refer you to colleagues at https://piercingexp.com/ who can provide you an appropriate, attractive piece of jewelry if you can not make it in.

In the meantime, try to follow simple sensible care described at https://care.piercing.org/

See your physician or dermatologist if symptoms get worse or do not clear up in the next few days. This could be an infection from streptococcus pyogenes or other germs.

I do not suggest any of the common home remedies [tea tree oil, vitamin E or aspirin paste] because they are either useless or can make it worse. Some people in your situation have success with a judicious application of antiseptic or antibiotic products at this point. Others try to focus on great nutrition [like a balanced diet with additional garlic, vitamin C and minerals like zinc]

What seems to help the most and harm the least is gentle care as mentioned above and to apply a dry hot compress such as a heat pad set to medium or a hot washcloth in a Ziploc bag for a period of ten to fifteen minutes as frequently as once an hour up to bedtime, to increase circulation and build immune response. Make sure to put something absorbent such as sterile gauze in between you and the compress for a clean barrier.

It may disappear as quickly as overnight if the irritation or infection is dealt with, or it could take a few days.

More helpful information from my colleagues in the Association of Professional Piercers here

APP Troubleshooting Brochure APP Troubleshooting-French - RÉSOLUTION DES PROBLÈMES APP Troubleshooting -Spanish

Body Piercing Troubleshooting For You and Your Healthcare Professional

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