High Impingement Washing: A Vital Part of the Instrument Management Process

As described in High Impingement Washing: A Vital Part of the Instrument Management Process, how you place instruments in the Hydrim or other automated washers makes a difference. Proper care, maintenance and inspection, along with regular bioburden testing can ensure that your washing process is working, and instruments are coming clean.

If it is not clean, it can’t be sterilized!

Ultrasonic Cleaner 800ml/0.85quart

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Brand: Piercers.com/iSonic

Treat Yourself to a New Jewelry Ultrasonic.

Convenient beaker holder, holds a variety of instruments or jewelry to complement your cleaning needs.



  • Minimize noise level with 4.5mm thick insulated wall housing and tank lid.

  • Made from engineering grade plastic making it quieter than most steel units

Easy To Use

  • Digital timer with 2-color LED display, power switch, detachable power cord, cooling fan
  • Touch sensing solid control panel without any buttons for better water proof and reliability

  • Integrated beaker holder with a stainless steel beaker for small parts like tubes, tapers or jewelry. Beaker makes handling much easier.
  • Disposable lidded PET cups can be used instead of the beaker to prevent cross contamination.


  • The world's smallest commercial ultrasonic cleaner with a stack transducer
  • Powerful 55W transducer produces 68W/L power intensity, much higher than average ultrasonic cleaners
  • Suitable for dental offices and other applications


Tank Capacity: 0.85 quart (0.8L)

Maximum Capacity: 0.68 quart (650ml)

Tank Size: 8.7" x 5.4" x 5.6"

Included Accessories:

  1. 500ml Beaker
  2. Power cord

Optional accessories:

  • Plastic strainer attached to the beaker cover for easy retrieval of items after cleaning.
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