High Impingement Washing: A Vital Part of the Instrument Management Process

As described in High Impingement Washing: A Vital Part of the Instrument Management Process, how you place instruments in the Hydrim or other automated washers makes a difference. Proper care, maintenance and inspection, along with regular bioburden testing can ensure that your washing process is working, and instruments are coming clean.

If it is not clean, it can’t be sterilized!

Statim 2000 G4

Latest revision STATIM 2000 G4 for Piercers with new touchscreen, PC board, and probe bracket with recessed thermocouple
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Brand: SciCan
Model: 2000 G4

Fast, Gentle, Reliable, and Smart.

Introducing The New Generation of Statim, The Statim G4 Series

(Generation Four)

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Canonsburg, PA – SciCan has set the benchmark for sterilization and instrument reprocessing technology.

For more than 25 years SciCan has been developing and manufacturing highly innovative infection control products that address the need for versatility, flexibility, and efficiency in today’s environments.

SciCan is proud to unveil the newest STATIM family member, the G4 series. The STATIM G4 series is the same renowned and trusted autoclave it has been for over 25 years but now boasts a new contemporary look, functionality and connectivity that is the first of its kind. The G4 technology will change the way you interact by providing a direct channel of communication through the Internet to increase productivity and limit downtime.

Still powered by SciCan’s signature steam technology to provide sterilization at speeds faster than conventional chambered autoclaves, the STATIM G4 series has been drastically upgraded with a level of interactivity not seen before.

New look

The STATIM G4 series has been modernized with a new fascia that is fresh and contemporary.

Color touch screen

A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages and current cycle information all with extraordinary clarity. The bubble level has been integrated into the high-resolution touchscreen.

Built-in data logger

Gone are the days of messy thermal paper, clumsy printers or potential failures with external data loggers. With increasing stringency amongst national guidelines, the STATIM G4 series now saves all the data from each cycle. This data can be copied onto the included USB drive, viewed on screen, or remotely stored in the Cloud via email.*

STATIM G4 technology

SciCan's STATIM G4 series Technology offers a platform with endless possibilities. The product expansion and modes of communication will provide visibility from every facet, from usability to troubleshooting.

This is a very exciting time for SciCan, as we are embarking into new territory with cutting edge technology. SciCan has always demonstrated innovation and this is just another example of how we are setting new standards for infection control.

*Based on your email providers storage capabilities

This model has all the benefits of our classic STATIM 2000 Cassette Autoclave

  • Ultra-fast 6 minute unwrapped cycle
  • 14 minute wrapped cycle
  • Exceptional instrument turnover
  • 10 minute Dri-Tecc Drying Technology
  • Aseptic transfer of instrument directly to the point-of-use
  • Reduced instrument investment
  • Prolongs instrument life

Like the STATIM 900, the STATIM 2000 boasts a 6-minute cycle, but has the added advantage of employing a fully removable chamber so you can aseptically transport a set of freshly sterilized instruments directly to the procedure area.

The STATIM 2000 is fully automatic. Simply select one of the three sterilization programs and with a single touch of the keypad, begin the cycle. An advanced microprocessor controls all functions and maintains optimal sterilization conditions, from start to finish.

SciCan's STATIM cassette sterilizers have a biological effectiveness that has been proven in tests for hollow and solid instruments at many internationally recognized institutes in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

The STATIM 2000 is a reliable cassette sterilizer that's compact enough to fit in procedure areas and fast enough to sterilize jewelry, expensive Lasik, PRK, endoscopic and cataract instruments, including phaco handpieces, between procedures - it can complete an unwrapped sterilization cycle in just six minutes and a wrapped cycle in 14 minutes.

Dri-TecC – Convection heat drying technology

The STATIM 2000 uses convection heat to dry instruments by utilizing the remaining heat in the system after the sterilization phase. Heat is captured and released into the cassette, drying wrapped instrument loads in as little as 10 minutes.

Sterilization cycle description chart

Cycle Unwrapped Wrapped Rubber/Plastic
Sterilization time 3.5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes
Sterilization temp. 135º C 135º C 121º C
Total cycle time 6 minutes 14 minutes 20 minutes

ACCESSORIES available in the Shop
: see below

01-100008A Cassette complete (includes 01-106653 Instrument rack for wrapped instruments)

01-100028S Seal & lubricant kit

01-100207S Air compressor filter

01-102119S Microbiological air filter

01-100812S Waste bottle complete (includes 01-100204S Exhaust tube)

SCI134 Test Strip indicators (box of 250)

SCI-T5 Sterilization Monitor Type 5 Chemical Indicator

01-101783S Water reservoir cap & filter (Includes 01-109300S Water reservoir filter)


Unit Size : L 480mm x W 415mm x H 150mm
L 19" x W 16.25" x H 6"
Cassette Internal Dimensions : L 280mm x W 180mm x H 35mm
L 11" x W 7" x H 1.5"
Reservoir Capacity : 4.0 litres (distilled water) Approximately 40 cycles
Weight without water : 21 kg/46 lbs
Power Consumption : 110-120 V, 60Hz, 1300 W

When you receive your Statim 2000 packing carton, the items listed below will be included.
If any of the items are missing, contact us immediately so that the situation can be corrected.

  • Cassette Tray and Lid
  • Instrument Rack
  • Waste Bottle
  • Bottle Lid Fitting
  • Exhaust Tube
  • Tube Mounting Hardware
  • Power Cord
  • Operator's Manual

STATIM G4 Cassette Autoclave In-service (United States)

An overview of installing, operating, and maintaining the SciCan STATIM G4 Cassette Autoclave

Save up to 35% off the list price of a STATIM 2000 or STATIM 5000 cassette autoclave when you use your Section 179 tax deduction: Click here for more info

*The use of STATIM sterilizers was introduced to the body art field in the early 1990's by Brian Skellie at Piercing Experience, and developed in community along with other practical innovations in applied safety precautions and techniques.

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