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  1. How long have you had this forum here? I wish I could say I'm surprised that there aren't any posts here, but I'm not. I don't know too many piercers out there that think they are capable of learning anything other than what they already know.

    On the topic though, when Elayne Angel's book came out I bought a copy of it, and even though I've been piercing professionally since 1997, I learned a couple of things that made me raise my eyebrows:)

    I think it's just a matter of taking what you know and then being open minded enough to WANT to watch or talk to another piercer, just because everyone has their own way of doing things and every now and then you might see or hear something that isn't in your normal routine that you can say, "Hey! That would totally help me cut this step out of my procedure!" or "Wow, I had no idea why I told people that, I've just heard it so many times that it was just something that made sense, but now I know the reasons behind it!". You know what I mean:)

    I'm even a big enough person to admit that I've learned things from the very few apprentices I've had. They will ask me why I do something the way that I do and that will lead me to looking at it closer and thinking about it more. Then they will go to do the same thing, and it could be anything, and they will do it just a little bit differently because it's just them or feels right to them, and I'll be awestruck that I didn't think of it first! LOL!

    From aftercare, procedure, aseptic technique, etc. to the other side of it (the client's end), I always keep my "learning cap" on. Let's face it, if there's an easier way or a more efficient way to accomplish the same outcome, then I want to know it!

    I'd be really interested in seeing this forum pick up! I miss the old days on IAM when it was such a close knit community that we would all share things like the peers we are. Especially those of us that have been in it for a while and then the ones that are new, but still doing things up to par. I'd be interested in seeing what some of the newer breed is doing differently than how it's just always been.


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