Automated ultrasonic review

Check out the new STATCLEAN from SciCan for an effective and safe and quieter ultrasonic option

There are a lot of useful infection control devices out there. I just reviewed the MULTIsteril automated ultrasonic washer by Tecno-Gaz. It is NOT a sterilizer like the name might imply but it IS an automatic ultrasonic that fills, adds detergent, degases the solution, then ultrasonically cleans, rinses and dries items. Kind of like an even smaller Hydrim C61WD G4 by SciCan, but with a few distinct differences.

Both prepare instruments for sterilization with automated wash, rinse and dry processes. The Hydrim uses high impingement jets of flowing alkaline detergent, whereas the MULTIsteril uses an ultrasonic bath.

In comparison, the Hydrim C61WD G4 is able to thoroughly clean and thermally disinfect a larger volume and variety of body art equipment in less time using an ecologically safe detergent. I believe that the Hydrim C61WD G4 is a more thorough process and better value overall.

It is nice to have another automatic option to fill the gap for body artists between manual cleaning, ultrasonic and Hydrim automated washers. They are both in the same price range, and the Hydrim C61WD is available now from us in Europe at and in the US at


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