Seminars in Moscow

Seminars in Moscow

I traveled to Moscow to share ideas and techniques at the Russian Association of Professional Piercers second annual conference August 13-16 2018

Thanks to the ruAPP for an enthusiastic and curious experience as a speaker and participant. I would be pleased to return in 2019 if you’ll have me. Overall, the conference seemed well put together with a balance of educational and social interaction.

I arrived to Saint Scalpelsburg in Moscow to the lovely view of Yuri Gagarin’s golden statue who welcomed me along with the smiles of friendly fellow speakers, organizers, and participants. The uncertainty that preceded about my visa, my travel arrangements and my unfamiliarity with the language faded quickly. By the time we got to the event location, many productive conversations were started, and the group was dynamic and involved.

The presentations were a high quality, and seemed well received despite a few complexities with translation. The questions and feedback addressed felt useful and impactful on many levels, towards a shiny future. 

The vendors brought an impressive quantity of attractive variety of jewelry designs, quite aware of the industry trends in precious metals and minerals. Their generosity to the raffle was greatly appreciated. APP board members Cody Vaughn and me were able to donate two of our full conference passes for 2019 in Las Vegas for two fortunate piercers Lala and Yuliana.

Orientation: Vlad Bodmodov commences the RUAPP 2018

Seminars with Brian W Skellie

Thanks for the lapel pins!

Brian W Skellie presenting at the ruAPP 2018

Needles: the cutting edge

Bevel control fundamentals — 2 hours

Safe, Accurate, Aseptic Piercing With Less Tools: Freehand and Single Use

An overview of approaches for piercing without clamps — 2.5+ hours

Skin Preparation and Draping technique

Skin Preparation and Draping technique

Different methods and products to maintain asepsis — 2 hours

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