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Sean Xeon McManus interview

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Sean, Shawn Porter, and Erik Sprague the Lizard Man


So we’re running a contest to go along with this edition of Better Safe than Ari– everyone who reposts the link to Sean’s interview on their Facebook gets one entry. If you draw me a picture of a frog (emailed to sacreddebris@gmail.com) you get a second bonus entry, increasing your chance to win by…. leaps and bounds.

But what do you win? A signed copy of Sean’s film THE MARIONETTE on dvd!


So repost, and draw a frog (all skill levels accepted) and be as toadally awesome as Sean!

Make sure to tag me (Shawn) or Ari in the post so we can add you to the queue!

Shawn Porter

(you can purchase The Marionette via eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Marionette/130508818763?hash=item1e62ee894b:m:mbijCRSOmGEroiSgt4f01qw)

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