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Brian Skellie

I sincerely appreciate feedback. If you find something I share to be enlightening, confusing or boring, I want to know. Please send comments to: brian@piercing.org | +1 404 494 0378


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Brian celebrates over 25 years of sharing his body art expertise with his clients, colleagues and friends. He specializes in body piercing, safety standards, STATIM autoclaves and HYDRIM automated instrument washers, and is an authorized dealer for the SciCan family of products. He offers expert consultation and training for streamlined workflow for Body Art Professionals. As a long time member of ASTM International and the Association of Professional Piercers, he develops, interprets and publishes evidence based standards for continual improvement in the field of Body Arts.

Short Bio:

Brian Skellie

WEBSITE: brnskll.com

EMAIL: brian@piercing.org

TWITTER: @bskellie

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/brnskll

Brian founded Piercing Experience in 1992 as a piercer inspired to research and evolve safe body modification and share the results with the community. He is a frequent APP contributor ever since the first conference, an active business member since 1996, an educator who has presented many seminars and workshops at conferences in North and South America and Europe, former editor of The Point Journal, former chair of the Media Committee and completed his third term Board member as President, now serving as Medical Liaison.

Brian provides informative resources in his areas of specialty. He introduced and advanced many novel and effective approaches for body modification such as safe techniques for aseptic (freehand) piercing without clamps, aseptic non touch technique with instruments, single use instrument options, anodization, studio set up, instrument management, sterilization and infection prevention. He has been instrumental for guidance and standards in support of the rights and responsibilities of professional body artists on a local and international level.

Beside piercing, he is an infection control expert focused on the efficient use and validation of cleaning and sterilization. He has invested years of study into the question, “how clean is clean enough?” and participated as a member of ASTM and AAMI in the interest of adapting effective methods for our trade.

An active member of the ASTM committee F04 on medical and surgical devices and implants and related subcommittees, Brian works with applications of biomaterials science for body art safety and expanding jewelry options. He develops, interprets and publishes evidence based standards for continual improvement in our field. He promotes the use of current and timely research based standards for the benefit of clients and colleagues worldwide.

In the 1990’s he became an authorized independent dealer of the SciCan family of infection control products to make them more accessible for body artists. He offers both equipment and specific training on the safe operation and maintenance of automated instrument washers such as HYDRIM, and sterilizers such as STATIM and BRAVO autoclaves.

Brian is eager to help find credible answers to our questions to further enhance our profession. His goal is the ethical advancement of quality for all aspects of body modification from conscience to science. Most importantly, he is interested in sharing ideas with you.

Biographical Information:

Brian Skellie : Piercer/Founder — Piercing Experience est. 1992

Body Art specialist:

  • Aseptic body piercing without clamps (formerly known as Freehand)
  • Infection prevention technology and practices
  • Jewelry materials and quality control

Materials specialist:

  • Biomedical materials standards as they relate to body arts.
  • Member of ASTM committees:
    • F04 Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices
    • F04.11 Polymeric Materials
    • F04.12 Metallurgical Materials
    • F04.13 Ceramic Materials
    • F04.15 Material Test Methods
    • F04.16 Biocompatibility Test Methods

Infection control specialist in the following subjects:

  • Autoclaves and sterilization; Statim expert.
  • Washer-disinfectors and instrument processing
  • Cleaners and disinfectants
  • Water treatment and distillers

APP Involvement

  • 1996-Present Active Business Member
  • 1997-99 appointed APP Treasurer
  • 1997-99 Editor & Co-Editor with Jeff Martin of “The Point” journal
  • 1997-Present Provided numerous APP continuing education seminars on a wide variety of topics such as: ASTM standards for jewelry quality, sterilization, and advanced piercing techniques
  • 1998 Co-organized the annual conference at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
  • 2005 “Best freehand piercer” award for piercing without clamps
  • 2006 Advanced Studio Set-Up with Steve Joyner (CoRE) and Joel Burgess (ModBase software) with focus on single use equipment
  • 2007 Sterilization and equipment management (STATIM and HYDRIM section) with President Alicia Cardenas and David Vidra (HealthEducators)
  • 2008 & 2009 STATIM 101 with Eric Anderson, Steve Joyner and Sky Renfro (PPIS)
  • 2010 Biocompatibility Testing with Bethra Szumski (co-contributor)
  • 2010 APP workshops -a hands-on approach to studio set up, cross contamination prevention, autoclave/Statim usage all within a “studio environment.”
  • 2011 Working with a Statim autoclave
  • and many more
  • 2010-2013 APP International Liaison
  • 2013-2015 APP President
  • 2016-present APP Medical Liaison

Industry involvement

  • 1992 founded Piercing Experience studio in Atlanta GA
  • 1995-present developed Statim autoclave utilization for body art
  • 1996-present authorized SciCan medical dealer for Tattoo and Body Art: http://statim.us/
  • 1996-2007 AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) member (ST79)
  • 1996-Present ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) voting member active in Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices
  • Interviewed for CNN, FOX, USA Today and many other news outlets
  • Provided educational information for health department inspectors, NEHA, NIOSH and CDC
  • About.com AllExperts.com Body Art section expert (answered over 4000 questions since 2001)
  • 2009 BMXnet Advanced Sterilization and Equipment Management with Statim in Essen, Germany
  • 2010 APTPI Freehand piercing with Pat Tidwell in Milan, Italy
  • 2010 BMXnet instructor for Anodization, Biomaterials, Sterilization, History of Sterilization and Freehand Piercing seminars in Berlin, Germany
  • 2011 BMXnet instructor for Anodization, Biomaterials, Sterilization seminars and Freehand Piercing workshop in Essen Germany
  • and much more

Selected Publications

http://www.faqs.org/faqs/bodyart/piercing-faq/introduction/ Greenblatt, Anne (2000) “rec.arts.bodyart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

I would like to recognize and thank the following piercers, jewelery manufacturers, and enthusiasts for their contributions:
The Association of Professional Piercers http://www.safepiercing.org
Keith Alexander of Modern American Body Arts, RIP
Elayne Angel of Rings of Desire, http://www.ringsofdesire.com
Dave Anthony Vidra of Body Work Productions, http://www.hlthedu.com
Eerin Atkinson of Sine Qua Non, RIP
Barry Blanchard of Anatometal, http://www.anatometal.com
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Sean Christian of Antometal, http://www.anatometal.com
Kevin Cook, Manager of the Piercing Links List http://www.geocities.com/soho/cafe/8816/list.html
Michaela Grey, formerly of Gauntlet and the Association of Professional Piercers
Michael Hare of The Exotic Body, http://www.exoticbody.com
Karen Hurt of Future Primitives
Shannon Larratt of the Body Modification Ezine http://www.bme.freeq.com
Lynne Tatum Little, R.D.H.
Derek Lowe of Body Work Productions, http://www.saintsabrinas.com
Denise Robinson of Ambient, http://www.ambient.on.ca
Brian Skellie of Piercing Experience, http://www.piercing.org
Jim Ward, formerly of Gauntlet
John Ward, M.D., aka “Dr. Jack,”

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A professional body piercer, Brian Skellie discusses the traditions of his craft and the trend of better and safer body piercing within the industry.

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