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Anodic Paintbrush

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Brand: Reactive Metals
Units in product: 4

Anodic Paintbrush Leads

Paintbrush Lead Kit, 1 of each of the 4 sizes

The easy way to create your own masterpieces!

Just plug in the lead to the black jack on your anodizer, dip into electrolyte and "paint" on your niobium or titanium that has been clipped to your red (anode) lead.

Heavy duty wire soldered to the ferrule and covered with a thick adhesive shrink tube will ensure years of problem free painting.

7-8" brush with a 24" cord.


  1. Plug your paintbrush lead into the black jack (cathode) on your anodizer.
  2. Attach the red lead (anode) to your piece.
  3. Dip paintbrush into your electrolyte and slowly turn up the voltage on your anodizer.

⚠️⚡It is not advisable to turn the voltage up high and touch your piece with the paintbrush lead. This can damage your lead as well as your anodizer. Start low, keeping the brush saturated with electrolyte and turn up the voltage slowly.

⚠️⚡Do NOT let your bristles dry out or touch the ferrule to your metal. Doing so can melt your bristles and/or cause burn marks on your metal. All warranties will be voided if damage occurs due to dry brush or ferrule contact with metal.

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