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Water Filter In-Line Kit

Product Details
Brand: SciCan
Model: 2000, 5000, 7000, 900

Statim Water Pump Filters removed and inline filter added

Effective June 2007 SciCan removed the two filters located on each end of the water pump due to the implementation of the water reservoir filter in early 2006. In the past, when the water reservoir filter was not present, debris and dust that entered the reservoir had a chance of getting into the water pump. The two filters in the water pump fittings were required to catch this debris.

Since the water reservoir filter has been implemented in early 2006 (refer to 05-TSB-204), SciCan has decided to remove these unnecessary filters in the water pump and discontinue the replacement parts for these filters, 01-104501S (Filters Pump A/B/C/D), as they are no longer required once the water reservoir filter is installed.

Removal of these filters does not affect the operation of the Statim units in any way.

Water pump maintenance

1. Ensure a water reservoir filter is installed

a. New reservoir filter and reservoir cap (01-101783S)

b. Replacement reservoir filter (01-109300S)

2. Inspect and clean the water pump filters, if the machine is equipped with them

A replacement elbow fitting without an outlet filter is available as part # 01-111115S if the filtered fitting (shown above) becomes damaged beyond use.

Addition of In-line filter

In December 2007 an in-line filter was added between the water reservoir and the water pump inlet to address the issue of customers not using the reservoir filter. The purpose of this in-line filter is to stop debris from entering the Statim plumbing system when the reservoir filter is not used.

The in-line filter kit is available as part # 01-106637S and includes the filter and all necessary tubing. This filter should be replaced every 2000 cycles or every two years.

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