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Repair Labor

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Brand: SciCan

We will repair your STATIM or other SciCan equipment

For your SciCan product repair we will need the following details: your serial number which should be on the back of the unit, and a description of the issues noted such as cycle fault numbers, sounds or visible damage.

With this information we will provide you with a return authorization number and the best shipping address for where to send the equipment.

*The minimum estimate fee is $150 in case the estimate is refused and equipment is to be returned unrepaired or destroyed/recycled.


This Repair Form is for Equipment only – If you are sending in a Handpiece, please fill out the “Handpiece Repair Form".

Please note, the RA number must be on the outside of the box.

Any machines returned to SciCan without an RA number will be returned.

Shipping the Statim Unit

You must write your RMA number clearly on the outside of the package
Before you move the unit, you will need to drain the reservoir. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. Place a water container below the unit.
  2. Using the drain tube (see Section 3.5 Priming the Statim Pump, Figure 6 in the manual) empty the contents of the reservoir into the water container.
  3. Remove any remaining water from the reservoir with a non-linting, absorbent towel.
  4. Screw-in the three leveler feet found underneath the unit.
  5. Repack the unit in the original packing materials and include all accessories originally included with the unit.
  6. Specify heated and insured shipping.

Make sure to include ALL cassettes used with this unit. The cassettes must be shipped with the unit for calibration.
Note: Do not ship the unit with a cassette inserted.
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