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Lumen water distiller cleaner

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Brand: Pure Scientific

Lumen Water Distiller Cleaner and Descaler is used to remove mineral deposits in the boiling tank of your water distiller. It’s important to clean your water distiller’s boiling tank every month or after making 30 gallons of water. Regular maintenance improves the functioning and longevity of your Pure Scientific Water Distiller.

  • Improves heating element performance
  • Regular maintenance improves longevity of machine
  • Descales and removes mineral buildup
  • Maintains a clean appearance
  • Improves boiling tank appearance
  • May be used to descale other items like tea pots*

(*If item has electronic components please check manual before using)

*Will ship separately by FedEx ground.


How To Clean Your Boiling Tank – Mini Classic Water Distiller

Cleaning the Boiling Chamber:

Sometimes scale will build up inside the boiling chamber. This needs to be removed periodically to ensure good heating element life, and high-quality water. NOTE: If you rinse the boiling chamber every time you fill it, it will help reduce the maintenance needed.

NOTE: If you live in a "soft water area," or you have a water softener, your unit may rarely need cleaning.

To Clean the Boiling Chamber:

1. Turn the power switch to the OFF position.

2. If the unit has been operating, allow it to cool for 30 minutes from the end of the distillation cycle.

3. Carefully remove the boiling chamber from the unit.
CAUTION: The boiling chamber will get hot and could cause a burn if the unit has not been allowed to cool.

4. Remove the boiling chamber lid (4).

5. Drain any residual water inside the boiling chamber (1).

6. Fill the boiling chamber to the water level indicator (2).

7. Add Lumen Cleaner (stock #6603) to the boiling chamber. Follow instructions on the label.

NOTE: DO NOT replace the boiling chamber back into the unit during the cleaning process. DO NOT allow the unit to operate with the Lumen Cleaner in the boiling chamber.


Mix 2 tablespoons of the Lumen Cleaner formula with water and pour the solution into the boiling tank. Let the solution sit overnight. Next day, get rid of the residues, rinse off the boiling tank, clean it, fill it up with water up to the water level indicator, run the first batch, discard and then you are good to start producing distilled water.

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NOTE: This product contains hazardous materials

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