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HYDRIM C51W (DISCONTINUED MODEL) CS-HIPC Washer Detergent [4 bottles per case]

💡Purchase our Low Foam UPS enzyme instead
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Brand: SciCan
Model: Hydrim C51

This is discontinued. Hydrim users can switch to the Low Foam All-in-ONE UPS detergent instead to refill your detergent bottles.

⚠ No longer available: HYDRIM C51W (discontinued model) Detergent

HYDRIM works to thoroughly wash and disinfect tattoo / piercing / body art equipment

Best used with the appropriate rack, baskets, cassette organizers, and mesh basket clamshells for small parts like tapers and disassembled tattoo tubes.

Each bottle of detergent lasts 30-40 cycles in the compact HYDRIM

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