Ethical algorithms?

Thanks, Aurelia
Thanks, Aurelia

Ever wonder why we get different results when we search for the same thing? I don’t think it is a glass half empty/half full thing. It seems evident that the internet is serving as both the library and news journal for many of us, and that our machine personalized search results from Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest are skewed in different ways. This has been apparent on Facebook as well, perhaps in a more obvious way when some of our friends’ disappeared from our news feeds.

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Nice: Nonsensical Infographics

By Caroline StanleyMay 14, 2010Share: Chad Hagen, an artist and designer living in Minneapolis who we recently discovered on notcot, elevates what has become a ubiquitous (and often way too predictable) way of visualizing information into an artform — work that is beautiful, yet conveys absolutely nothing. Click through to view the series, and if you like what … Read more