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AquaStat Accessories

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AquaStat flash vaporization water distiller parts and accessories

  • Forget about buying expensive distilled water.
  • Make your own from any tap water, even spring fed sources!
  • Make pure drinking water with the activated charcoal filters (Available separately)
  • Makes pure distilled that can perfectly fill any STATIM sterilizer.

AquaStat Accessories List

D1-500200S Distiller Cleaner (powder)
W50211 Extra Water Jug - clear with spigot / reservoir
P160-89 Cap for AquaStat Reservoir
P97-104 Faucet for Reservoir
W8010 Carbon Filters for drinking water(6 per pack)
P492-2A Boiling Chamber Cap
P167-72 Boiling Chamber Cap Gasket
KP32GA162 Gasket for Baffle
KP05EC001 Baffle Nut (cap)
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