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SALUS™ – Hygiene Sterility Maintenance Container

The world’s first paperless, rack & sleeve, hygiene sterility maintenance container.

The revolutionary SALUSHygiene Sterility Maintenance Container eliminates the costly and time consuming use of sterilization paper and pouches. Save hours spent wrapping, hundreds of dollars in sterilization paper and reduce waste.

A reusable container, SALUSHygiene is intended to enclose hygiene instruments, and is designed to withstand washing and steam sterilization, as well as to maintain sterility of the instruments during storage. It is suitable for use in STATЧет 5000 Г4, БРАВО, thermal disinfectors and dynamic air removal steam sterilizers, SALUS can also be cleaned using automatic washers or ultrasonic washers. SALUS fits most standard hygiene instruments (up to 175mm).

Instruments kept inside an unopened SALUSHygiene will remain sterile for up to 30 days after sterilization and is designed to provide a service life of 2,500 циклуса.

SALUS™ – Faster. Cheaper. Better.


  • No sterilization paper needed, therefore eliminating time spent on wrapping
  • No need to separate instruments for manual scrubbing, minimizing the chance of injury
  • Flexible colour-coding pins to quickly identify user / procedure


  • Saving the office money on sterilization paper
  • Saving the office time on labour costs by eliminating wrapping
  • Filters designed to last the lifetime of the container


  • Locking technology to ensure instruments have been processed through a steam sterilizer
  • Completed sets are stored and ready for use in an organized fashion
  • Beneficial to the environment by reducing the amount sterilization paper in the landfill
  • Minimizes injury when used in combination with HYDRЧет by reducing manual handling of instruments


Dimension (width x depth x height): 195 mm x 165 mm x 41 мм (7.7” x 6.5” x 1.6”)
Weight: 421 г (14.9 oz)
Maximum sterilization temperature: 134 ºC (273 ºF)
10 Hygiene instruments
Life span: 2,500 циклуса
Sterility Maintenance: до 30 дани
Fits most standard commonly used hygiene instruments (instruments up to 175mm in length)


Air/water syringe tip clip CASSETTE-CLIP
Labels (English/French, 100/пацк) 01-114203
Autoclavable markers (3/пацк) 01-114204
СТАТИМ 5000 rack
(required to ensure drying) 01-114205
HYDRIM L110/M2 10 sleeve rack 01-114206

Medium rack assembly 01-114207
Medium sleeve assembly 01-114208
Colour-coded pins (Red, 20/пацк) 01-114209
Colour-coded pins (Жута, 20/пацк) 01-114210
Colour-coded pins (Blue, 20/пацк) 01-114211
Colour-coded pins (Assorted, 18/пацк) 01-114217

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