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Christina Blossey interviewed by Ryan Ouellette

My guest this week on the Piercing Wizard Podcast is Christina Blossey of Piercing Experience in Atlanta. We talk about how she got into the industry and her growth from apprentice under last week’s guest (Brian Skellie) to studio owner.

Avoid Long Delays in Instrument Decontamination, Reprocessing

Leaving instruments unprocessed for any period of time can lead to the development of biofilm. The recommendation is to begin the cleaning process as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, a number of manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFUs) are now specifying the time frame that cleaning should be implemented. This ranges from “immediately after use” to “within 10, 20 ali 30 minut;” it varies with the device/instrument manufacturer. The manufacturer’s IFUs should always be followed.

Come to the 2nd annual UKAPP seminars. Sunday 4th & Monday 5th at the Radisson Blu hotel in Birmingham England

seminars | UKAPP

See you there to share! I’ll be here just before BMXnet to help my colleagues further their organizational momentum!! It gives us

APP: Point #73

Kot predsednik Združenja poklicnih Piercers, Imam redno uredniško stolpec v reviji Point. Izdaja 73 editorial Please enjoy

Didn't Wash Hands alarm, Gary Larson — The Far Side

"Nisem si umijte roke" Alarm

Our friends at the CDC created a helpful website about hand washing, kar je vredno časa prebrati. I particularly

The Fabrikator by Bruce Sterling

THE FABRIKATOR WAS UGLY, noisy, a fire hazard, and it smelled. Borislav got it for the kids in the neighborhood.

One snowy morning, in his work gloves, long coat, and fur hat, he loudly power-sawed through the wall of his kiosk. He duct-taped and stapled the fabrikator into place.

The neighborhood kids caught on instantly. His new venture was a big hit.

The fabrikator made little plastic toys from 3-D computer models. After a week, the fab’s dirt-cheap toys literally turned into dirt. The fabbed toys just crumbled away, into a waxy, non-toxic substance that the smaller kids tended to chew.

Borislav had naturally figured that the brief lifetime of these toys might discourage the kids from buying them. This just wasn’t so. This wasn’t a bug: this was a feature. Every day after school, an eager gang of kids clustered around Borislav’s green kiosk. They slapped down their tinny pocket change with mittened hands. Then they exulted, quarreled, and sometimes even punched each other over the shining fab-cards.

The happy kid would stick the fab-card (adorned with some glossily fraudulent pic of the toy) into the fabrikator’s slot. After a hot, deeply exciting moment of hissing, spraying, and stinking, the fab would burp up a freshly minted dinosaur, baby doll, or toy fireman.

Foot traffic always brought foot traffic. The grownups slowed as they crunched the snowy street. They cast an eye at the many temptations ranked behind Borislav’s windows. Then they would impulse-buy. A football scarf, maybe. A pack of tissues for a sneezy nose.

Once again he was ahead of the game: the only kiosk in town with a fabrikator….

→ Avgust 8, 2014

Somatskih Piercing

Nick zaključili svoj magisterij na Ohio State University v somatskih in kulturne študije v 2002. Njegov zadnji projekt, "Somatskih Piercing: Umetnost in Ritual telesa Piercing"portrays njegove izkušnje v telo rituale kot tudi osvetljuje drugih piercers mnenje o zadevi.

11 Things You Should Know About Piercings

This article presented some sound information, but there’s still much more to know. When piercings are performed by a trained professional using sterile equipment and high quality jewelry, and appropriate aftercare is followed, the risks are drastically minimized.— Elayne Angel, APP predsednik

ASTM F136 revizija

One of the most commonly used materials for body jewelry, the ASTM F136 – Standardne specifikacije za obdelane ELI Titanium-6Aluminum-4Vanadium (Extra Low intersticijski) …

Svete krave v nadzor okužbe

Preprečevanje SSI: Prakse, ki temelji na dokazih nadomestiti dolgotrajne “Svete krave’ v ali
To poročilo raziskuje preprečevanje infekcij kirurške mesta (SSIs) v okviru prakse, ki temelji na dokazih nadomešča “Svete krave” v operacijski sobi. Osredotoča se na kritične prakse predoperativno odstranjevanje dlačic.

Ko Thomas Paine opozoriti v 1776 ki, “Dolgo navado ne razmišljaš stvar narobe, To daje površinski videz, da so prav,” On ne bi mogel predstavljati da je bil opisuje trenutne povlek, ki danes še vedno obstaja v nekaterih operacijskih sobah.

Varna jekla za nakit telo?

  A forum participant asked: please discuss 316l and implant grade 316lvm grade stainless steel They added a link to an essay