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Brian Skellie attends and hosts educational and other events

#Propiercersleague 2017

Brian Skellie comes to Brasil for 5th International Tattoo Convention of Joinville #propiercersleague

Come to the 2nd annual UKAPP seminars. Sunday 4th & Monday 5th at the Radisson Blu hotel in Birmingham England

seminars | UKAPP

See you there to share! I’ll be here just before BMXnet to help my colleagues further their organizational momentum!! It gives us

The Point Issue 71 Asocierea de profesional Piercers

Preşedintele ’ s Corner punctul 71

As President of the Association of Professional Piercers, I have a regular editorial column in The Point magazine. Litigiu 71 editorial Brian Skellie

2. Brasil Congresului

Brian Skellie la Congresul 2a educaţionale pentru organism profesional Piercers în Brasil

Atelier deschis cu

Brian Skellie partajate piercing tehnici la atelier deschis în Stockholm SE noiembrie 9-11, 2012