Association of Professional Conferência Anual Piercers 15 e Exposition

APP needs your reservation at our convention hotel!

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Agora estamos abertos para inscrições em Full Conference Pass e inscrições em Classe Individual!

NOVO! Hands-on workshops

Attendees must sign up for a single workshop session in order to attend. Isso inclui todos os participantes do Full Conference Pass.

This new approach to core material will give attendees a hands-on approach to studio set up, prevenção de contaminação cruzada, autoclave/statim usage all within astudio environment”. Class sizes will be limited so that facilitators will be able to give participants individual attention. Join us for this first time offering!

A Associação de Profissionais Piercers would like to invite you to attend our 15º Annual Conference and Exposition em Las Vegas, Nevada. The APP will be back at the legendary Tropicana Las Vegas from May 2nd to May 7th in 2010. The Tropicana is conveniently located on the hottest four corners on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Merely steps away attendees will find New York, New York; the Excalibur, and the MGM Grand!

In addition to the standard amenities, the Tropicana provides a lush tropical ambiance in their stunning five-acre garden oasis. Numerous swimming pools, waterfalls, trees, and flowers, along with large hot tubs are available in the interior garden courtyard.

The Tropicana is undergoing a renovation Spring of 2010! We are excited to be there during this transformation!

A exposição é o único de seu tipo no país. There is nowhere else you will see so much great jewelry, produtos, e piercings serviços relacionados em um só local. Esperamos que os nossos fornecedores para doar generosamente ao nosso Sorteio - nos últimos anos, valor total dos prémios excedeu $60,000, Com mais de 200 individual prizes donated. Social events include an Opening Party, um jantar Banquete, Ioga, e mais…

This website will be updated as materials and information are developed – be sure to keep checking back for new details/changes etc.

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