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The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) has announced the release of the updated NEHA Body Art Model Code (Banc).

In the time since the original code was released, more than 20 years ago, body art has become much more accepted, diverse, and popular.

In the Spring of 2016, NEHA began working with subject matter expert and national partners to develop an updated BAMC. The updated BAMC was created with input from environmental health and industry professionals, and addresses the ways body art impacts public health, both old and new. The BAMC is available for local and state agencies and other organizations to use as a resource to update their own body art codes and protect public health.

It was both an honor and a pleasure to contribute to both the original and updated versions. Especially the sections on jewelry and sterilization standards.

Brian W Skellie, APP Diretor Médico

The enormous task of updating a twenty-year-old code was accomplished by a dedicated committee of regulators and industry professionals and supported by numerous association, including the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Association of Food and Drug Officials Body Art Committee, Associação de Piercers profissionais, and the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. NEHA would like to recognize these individuals for their contributions.

NEHA Body Art Committee

Laurel Arrigona
Regulatory, Ceutical Labs, Inc.
AFDO Body Art Committee Chair
Body Art Education Alliance Chair

Kate Ciampi Shergold
Executive Director
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Cathy Montie 
Body Art Training Company
OSHA Authorized Industry Specific Trainer

Michael Crea, M.S.
Executive Director, Florida Environmental Health Association
Body Piercer & Body Art Trainer

Ken Coleman Stevenson II
VP Regulatory, Ceutical Labs
AFDO Body Art Committee Chair
Body Art Education Alliance Chair

Girvin Liggans, PH.d., REHS, DAAS
Technical Lead, Retail Food Policy
NOS. Administração de Alimentos e Medicamentos

Matt Bavougian
Onyx Piercing StudioOwner / Senior Piercer
Associação de Piercers profissionais (APLICATIVO), Legislation and Regulatory Affairs Committee Chair
Body Art Education Alliance, Co-Chair

John Misock
US Food and Drug Administration, Retired

Carolynn Balcar
Environmental Consultant
Florida Department of Health
State Health Office

Steve Joyner
Associação de Piercers profissionais
Legislation and Regulatory Affairs Chair

Brian W Skellie
Liaison médica
Associação de Piercers profissionais
ASTM International Committee F04 Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices

John Johnson
OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer
Associação de Piercers profissionais

Michelle E. Watkins, REHS
Program Manager
Division of Environmental Health and Protection
St. Charles County Government — Department of Public Health

Katherine Martinez, REHS
Environmental Health Division
Kent County Health Department

Visite o NEHA Body Art page to read the BAMC and for more information and other resources.

NEHA BAMC Body Art Model Code cover image
NEHA Body Art Model Code:
Updated October 22, 2019

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