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Sean Xeon McManus interview

Another fine interview in a series of fellow Body Artists, this time with SeanXeonMcManus who worked with me at Piercing Experience, and a contest to win a copy of his Film, “The Marionette”!

Christina Blossey interviewed by Ryan Ouellette

My guest this week on the Piercing Wizard Podcast is Christina Blossey of Piercing Experience in Atlanta. We talk about how she got into the industry and her growth from apprentice under last week’s guest (Brian Skellie) to studio owner.

Menusuk somatik

Nick menyelesaikan gelar Master di Ohio State University di somatik dan Cultural Studies di 2002. Proyek akhir, "Somatik menusuk: Seni dan Ritual Body Piercing"menggambarkan pengalamannya dalam tubuh ritual serta menerangi piercers lain dilihat pada masalah.