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Predsjednikova Kutak točka 71

Kao predsjednik Udruga profesionalnih Piercers, Imam redovite uređivačku kolumnu u Točka magazine.

The Point Issue 71 Udruga profesionalnih PiercersIzdavanje 71 urednički

Brian Skellie headshot at 2014 APP conference by April BerardiBrian Skellie
APP predsjednik

In an organization comprised of exceptional participants who have gladly offered countless hours of work and traveled across the planet to share their ardor for safe body adornment, it is the privilege and great pleasure of the President each year to shine a light upon one who has exemplified our mission. To offer a special award in esteem of the outstanding contributions of this volunteer is equally to recognize the potential we all have to achieve the goals set forth by our Association.

In a field of iconoclasts, in which we must each be self reliant during our daily procedures, some of our fellow piercers have demonstrated proficiency at organizing and working together for the benefit of our community.

In a time where our colleagues have researched, debated, and negotiated fair regulations to respect and protect their fellow piercers and body artists, there are certain among us who excel at diplomacy and bringing forward our purpose. These individuals are honoured with the President’s award. We have showcased the winners of this award in several previous issues of Točka, starting with Izdavanje 26 u 2003 (pg 3-5) as well as in 2009 with Izdavanje 48 (pg 2-3).

Od 2009, when the sitting president James Weber presented to Raelyn Gallina, we have had five new honorees, including yours truly in 2014.
2010 Danny Yerna, presented by Jim Weber
2011 Allen Falkner, presented by Jim Weber
2012 Steve Joyner, presented by Elayne Angel
2013 Sarah Wooten, presented by Elayne Angel
2014 Brian Skellie, presented by Elayne Angel

Jack Yount Memorial Certificate of RecognitionBefore the existence of the President’s award, the Jack Yount Memorial Certificate of Recognition for Promoting Excellence in Professional Piercing was dedicated to Michaela Grey, Founder of the APP, as a special award chosen by the appointed Board in 1998. This can be recalled as a time when people who had worked alongside her felt a need to show respect for her efforts in coalescing the Association, and as a nod to the gentle persuasion towards exploration and excellence Jack Yount had shared with us.

“He passed away in Hospital in Copenhagen Denmark on July 15, 1995 at the age of 68.”

- http://sacreddebris.com/jack-yount/

Michaela Grey was again recognized in 2005 with a special Lifetime Achievement award from a subsequent APP Board, for her contributions to our industry.

Jim Ward and Michaela Grey at the 2005 APP Awards ceremony
Jim Ward and Michaela Grey at the 2005 APP Awards ceremony


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