Allgemeine Statim Fragen und Antworten für Körperkünstler

Gut, dass Sie könnte meine Website besuchen, und ich werde gerne mit Ihnen zu sprechen und Ihre Fragen im Detail befassen.

As an authorizedSciCan dealer for our lovely Body Modification world, und ich habe ziemlich viel über Protokoll für Statim Verwendung in unserem Bereich geschrieben, insbesondere für Piercing und Tätowierung. Sie hat viel Detail zu graben, in.

Der Statim ist ein sehr schneller, very energy efficient Steam Flush Pressure Pulse (SFPP) Autoklaven. All of the sterilization programs are designed for general purpose medical and dental instrument and implant sterilization, and with the chamber in the form of a removable cassette as a sterile barrier system for aseptic transport of the sterilized unwrapped items for immediate use or wrapped items for storage. This works very well to sterilize exactly what is needed with greatly reduced waste for body jewelry, Nadeln, and other items needed for each customer. The savings on packaging and waste alone helps pay for the unit.

I sterilize 100% of items in the Statim that I do not purchase pre-sterilized for my procedures. Often, I sterilize mixed loads of multiple procedures (2, 4 or more at once) with instrument management trays to subdivide the sterilization cassette chamber. I also package some items of jewelry and instruments and terminally sterilize them with the wrapped program for later use. With the system I have worked out, I only have to keep about 10% of the stock that I once required for my busiest days packaged, and can customize jewelry configurations, anodization and items needed for each procedure.

We don’t have to worry about regular use in our business, I usually run 20 cycles in a 10 hour a day, the manufacturer states that 40 is average use. The most I’ve ever logged was 80 in a day where my counter staff were dealing with many changes and sales of jewelry to go, and this included several 10 minute wrapped cycles and very little waiting time. We sterilize while dealing with the sale and aftercare routine, and usually have the client marked and measured prior to final jewelry selection.

So many Statim units!

A busy clinic in Tokyo is running over 16,000 cycles a month with an entire room full of Statim autoclaves, each sterilizing all day long.

Because there are many anticipated layouts for instrument processing, it is good that the Statim can fit in the same place in the studio as any other autoclave, aber, the Statim is commonly located in a clean service area adjacent to or in a surgical suite.

It is safe to have in any area of your studio, including the piercing room, but it is ideal to have it somewhere where the counter staff have access to it so that it may be loaded and run while the piercer is performing a service, so that the next setup can be ready when they are. It produces no contaminated exhaust, and the exterior of the unit and cassette chamber should never be contaminated when handled appropriately, so it is safe to have anywhere you need it. They are fitted into RV’s for mobile dental and eye surgery, and used by the military in tight quarters in many clinical applications.

Instrument processing and inspection should be done in a protected area, as you might expect or have in place currently. After processing items by manual, ultrasonic or automated washing means, rinsing, drying and inspection, the Statim cassette chamber works for aseptic transport of cleaned wrapped or unwrapped items to the unit for sterilization.

Transfer from Hydrim L to Statim 5000
Transfer from Hydrim L to Statim 5000

Der instrument management organizers are meant to contain tools through the entire cycle of processing, Sterilisation, transport for immediate use or wrapped storage, Verfahren, transport back through cleaning. They are reused as sterile fields, as instrument discard and collection containers, and are made to fit ultrasonic and automated instrument washers. They can be wrapped for storage of a sterilized kit of items, or terminally sterilized and sorted in a clean cabinet until needed, then the appropriate jewelry, sharps and disposables can be added for unwrapped sterilization and immediate use. I keep a number of kits prepared with items that I commonly use in these organizers, and have my counter staff fill them and run them for me.

statim sterilizer anodizer jewelry processing area 1
Piercing Experience Statim sterilizer anodizer jewelry processing area (Since changed to G4 and other improvements have been made)

I keep my Statim 2000 in a clean staging area, secured and accessible by the counter staff, with ready to sterilize disposable items, organizer kits and extra cassette chambers. That way I can take one cassette chamber full with me into the piercing room, one can be sterilizing, and another can be filled by the counter staff to fit the needs of the incoming clients.

I do anticipate some of the most common jewelry items for popular placements and sterilize some wrapped kits for convenience to take care of people in between if possible. I need much less of those prepackaged now that I’ve gotten my staff used to preparing and running multiple items in groups.

Iris Statim setup
Iris Salt Lake City Statim setup

The units are designed to be green with low electricity and water use. The average cycle cost is around four cents $0.04, and maintenance is easy.

Let me know when you would like one of your very own :)

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