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As President of the Association of Professional Piercers, I have a regular editorial column in The Point magazine. Kysymys 70 editorial By Brian

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Puhemies ’ s Corner kohta 69

As President of the Association of Professional Piercers, I have a regular editorial column in The Point magazine. Kysymys 69 editorial Some of

Didn't Wash Hands alarm, Gary Larson — The Far Side

"Kädet Pese" hälytys

Our friends at the CDC created a helpful website about hand washing, jota kannattaa aikaa lukea läpi. I particularly


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As President of the Association of Professional Piercers, I have a regular editorial column in The Point magazine. Kysymys 68 editorial As we

The Fabrikator by Bruce Sterling

THE FABRIKATOR WAS UGLY, noisy, a fire hazard, and it smelled. Borislav got it for the kids in the neighborhood.

One snowy morning, in his work gloves, long coat, and fur hat, he loudly power-sawed through the wall of his kiosk. He duct-taped and stapled the fabrikator into place.

The neighborhood kids caught on instantly. His new venture was a big hit.

The fabrikator made little plastic toys from 3-D computer models. After a week, the fab’s dirt-cheap toys literally turned into dirt. The fabbed toys just crumbled away, into a waxy, non-toxic substance that the smaller kids tended to chew.

Borislav had naturally figured that the brief lifetime of these toys might discourage the kids from buying them. This just wasn’t so. This wasn’t a bug: this was a feature. Every day after school, an eager gang of kids clustered around Borislav’s green kiosk. They slapped down their tinny pocket change with mittened hands. Then they exulted, quarreled, and sometimes even punched each other over the shining fab-cards.

The happy kid would stick the fab-card (adorned with some glossily fraudulent pic of the toy) into the fabrikator’s slot. After a hot, deeply exciting moment of hissing, spraying, and stinking, the fab would burp up a freshly minted dinosaur, baby doll, or toy fireman.

Foot traffic always brought foot traffic. The grownups slowed as they crunched the snowy street. They cast an eye at the many temptations ranked behind Borislav’s windows. Then they would impulse-buy. A football scarf, maybe. A pack of tissues for a sneezy nose.

Once again he was ahead of the game: the only kiosk in town with a fabrikator….

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The Golden Chain of Homer

Somaattisen lävistyksiä

Nick completed his Masters degree at the Ohio State University in Somatic and Cultural Studies in 2002. His final project, “Somatic Piercing: The Art and Ritual of Body Piercing” portrays his experiences in body rituals as well as illuminates other piercers’ views on the matter.

A happy pierced person

11 Things You Should Know About Piercings

This article presented some sound information, but there’s still much more to know. When piercings are performed by a trained professional using sterile equipment and high quality jewelry, and appropriate aftercare is followed, the risks are drastically minimized.— Elayne Angel, APP puheenjohtaja

No Holes Barred: A Piercee's Point of View

Ole reikiä vanhentunut: A PIERCEE’S POINT OF VIEW Article

Lävistetty nainen, Hän sanoi, looking into my eyes and smiling.
Nostin päätäni niin, että voisin ottaa kurkistaa: Brian Skellie, minun piercer, oli onnistuneesti puukotti minua neula jotta voisin käyttää sormus hematiitti-kivi minun napa.

ASTM F136 Updated grain boundaries

ASTM F136 tarkistaminen

One of the most commonly used materials for body jewelry, the ASTM F136 – Standard Specification for koristeltu titaani 6Aluminum 4Vanadium ELI (Extra alhaiseen interstitiaalinen) …

Sacred Cows 11-13ICT-SSI-Prevention-report-cvr

Pyhiä lehmiä Infektiontorjuntayksikkö

SSI ehkäisy: Näyttöön perustuvia käytäntöjä korvata viipyvä “Pyhiä lehmiä’ tai
Tässä selvityksessä tarkastellaan leikkausalueen infektioiden ehkäisy (SSIs) yhteydessä todettujen käytäntöjen vaihtaminen “pyhiä lehmiä” leikkaussalissa. Se keskittyy kriittinen käytännössä preoperatiivinen karvojen poistoa.

Kun Thomas Paine totesi 1776 että, “Pitkään tapana ei ajatellut asia väärin, antaa sille pinnallinen ulkonäkö on oikeassa,” Hän ei olisi voinut kuvitella että hän kuvailisi nykyisen köydenveto, joka edelleen on olemassa joitakin leikkaussalit tänään.


Safe steel for body jewelry?

  A forum participant asked: please discuss 316l and implant grade 316lvm grade stainless steel They added a link to an essay