Passerer sorteper på forurenede instrumenter, skive placering

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Oprindelige artikel: December 2014 – CS løsninger. Hvordan dette gælder for krop kunstnere: Start the cleaning process for instruments right away in the procedure area at the point of use by wiping them off and wetting them with a foam enzyme cleaner product such as the all-in-ONE™ Surgical Instrument Cleaners and Conditioners. …

Didn't Wash Hands alarm, Gary Larson — The Far Side

"Ikke vaske hænder" Alarm

Our friends at the CDC created a helpful website about hand washing, der er værd tid til at læse igennem. I particularly

The Fabrikator by Bruce Sterling

THE FABRIKATOR WAS UGLY, noisy, a fire hazard, and it smelled. Borislav got it for the kids in the neighborhood.

One snowy morning, in his work gloves, long coat, and fur hat, he loudly power-sawed through the wall of his kiosk. He duct-taped and stapled the fabrikator into place.

The neighborhood kids caught on instantly. His new venture was a big hit.

The fabrikator made little plastic toys from 3-D computer models. After a week, the fab’s dirt-cheap toys literally turned into dirt. The fabbed toys just crumbled away, into a waxy, non-toxic substance that the smaller kids tended to chew.

Borislav had naturally figured that the brief lifetime of these toys might discourage the kids from buying them. This just wasn’t so. This wasn’t a bug: this was a feature. Every day after school, an eager gang of kids clustered around Borislav’s green kiosk. They slapped down their tinny pocket change with mittened hands. Then they exulted, quarreled, and sometimes even punched each other over the shining fab-cards.

The happy kid would stick the fab-card (adorned with some glossily fraudulent pic of the toy) into the fabrikator’s slot. After a hot, deeply exciting moment of hissing, spraying, and stinking, the fab would burp up a freshly minted dinosaur, baby doll, or toy fireman.

Foot traffic always brought foot traffic. The grownups slowed as they crunched the snowy street. They cast an eye at the many temptations ranked behind Borislav’s windows. Then they would impulse-buy. A football scarf, maybe. A pack of tissues for a sneezy nose.

Once again he was ahead of the game: the only kiosk in town with a fabrikator….

→ August 8, 2014

The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice works to improve standards of aseptic technique in clinical practice.

Hvad er aseptisk ikke Touch teknik ANTT?

Aseptic No Touch Technique may be used in conjunction with sterile gloves as an alternative to full surgical asepsis for body piercing procedures. I demonstrated

The Golden Chain of Homer

Somatiske Piercing

Nick afsluttet sin mastergrad ved Ohio State University i somatisk og kulturstudier i 2002. Hans afgangsprojekt, "Somatiske Piercing: Kunst og Ritual af Body Piercing"skildrer hans erfaringer i kroppen ritualer samt oplyser andre piercere syn på sagen.

A happy pierced person

11 Ting du bør vide om piercinger

“I denne artikel præsenteres nogle gode oplysninger, men der ’ s stadig meget mere at vide. Hvornår piercinger er udført af en uddannet professionel hjælp af sterilt udstyr og høj kvalitet smykker, og hensigtsmæssig efterbehandling er fulgt, risiciene, der er kraftigt minimeret.” — Elayne engel, APP formand

No Holes Barred: A Piercee's Point of View

Ingen huller spærret: En PIERCEE ’ S synspunkt artikel

Du er en gennemboret kvinde, Han sagde, ser ind i mine øjne og smilende.
Jeg løftede mit hoved, så at jeg kunne tage et kig: Brian Skellie, min piercer, havde held stukket mig med en nål, så jeg kunne bære en sølv ring med en hæmatit sten. på min navle.

ASTM F136 Updated grain boundaries

ASTM F136 revision

One of the most commonly used materials for body jewelry, the ASTM F136 – Standard specifikation for smedejern Titanium-6Aluminum-4Vanadium ELI (Ekstra lav intramuskulært) …

Sacred Cows 11-13ICT-SSI-Prevention-report-cvr

Hellige køer i infektionskontrol

SSI forebyggelse: Evidensbaseret praksis erstatte dvælende “Hellige køer’ i eller
Denne betænkning udforsker forebyggelse af operationssår (SSIs) inden for rammerne af evidensbaseret praksis udskiftning “hellige køer” på operationsstuen. Den fokuserer på de kritiske praksis af præoperativ hårfjerning.

Når Thomas Paine, i 1776 der, “En lang vane med ikke at tænke noget forkert, giver det en overfladisk udseende af at være rigtige,” han kunne ikke have forestillet sig at han var beskrivende en nuværende tovtrækkeri, der stadig findes i nogle operationsstuer i dag.


Safe steel for body jewelry?

A forum participant asked: please discuss 316l and implant grade 316lvm grade stainless steel. Body Jewelry Materials. Understanding Implant Grade Surgical Steel

Association of Professional Piercers International Relations

APP Conference soon!



Foreningen af ​​professionelle piercere is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, sundhedssektoren, lovgiverne, og offentligheden generelt. Socially and legislatively, body piercing is situated within the greater body modification community. Som et resultat, we recognize that our role extends beyond the discipline of body piercing. Our position on body art practices such as tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, branding, scarification, suspension, and other forms of body modification is as follows:

→ Maj 1, 2013

Get a STATIM 2000 G4

FDA retningslinjer for autoklaver

Hvad autoklaver er godkendt til at sterilisere hule varer af FDA?
Standarder for autoklaver, der kan behandle elementer med lumen er offentligt tilgængeligt via webstedet FDA.