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As President of the Association of Professional Piercers, I have a regular editorial column in The Point magazine. قضية 73 editorial Please enjoy

The Fabrikator by Bruce Sterling

THE FABRIKATOR WAS UGLY, noisy, a fire hazard, and it smelled. Borislav got it for the kids in the neighborhood.

One snowy morning, in his work gloves, long coat, and fur hat, he loudly power-sawed through the wall of his kiosk. He duct-taped and stapled the fabrikator into place.

The neighborhood kids caught on instantly. His new venture was a big hit.

The fabrikator made little plastic toys from 3-D computer models. After a week, the fab’s dirt-cheap toys literally turned into dirt. The fabbed toys just crumbled away, into a waxy, non-toxic substance that the smaller kids tended to chew.

Borislav had naturally figured that the brief lifetime of these toys might discourage the kids from buying them. This just wasn’t so. This wasn’t a bug: this was a feature. Every day after school, an eager gang of kids clustered around Borislav’s green kiosk. They slapped down their tinny pocket change with mittened hands. Then they exulted, quarreled, and sometimes even punched each other over the shining fab-cards.

The happy kid would stick the fab-card (adorned with some glossily fraudulent pic of the toy) into the fabrikator’s slot. After a hot, deeply exciting moment of hissing, spraying, and stinking, the fab would burp up a freshly minted dinosaur, baby doll, or toy fireman.

Foot traffic always brought foot traffic. The grownups slowed as they crunched the snowy street. They cast an eye at the many temptations ranked behind Borislav’s windows. Then they would impulse-buy. A football scarf, maybe. A pack of tissues for a sneezy nose.

Once again he was ahead of the game: the only kiosk in town with a fabrikator….

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السلسلة الذهبية هوميروس

ثقب جسدية

نيك إكمال درجة الماجستير في جامعة ولاية أوهايو في الجسمية والدراسات الثقافية في 2002. المشروع النهائي له, "ثقب جسدية: الفن والطقوس ثقب الجسم "يصور تجاربه في طقوس الجسم فضلا عن ينير بيرسيرس أخرى وجهات النظر بشأن هذه المسألة.

A happy pierced person

11 Things You Should Know About Piercings

This article presented some sound information, but there’s still much more to know. When piercings are performed by a trained professional using sterile equipment and high quality jewelry, and appropriate aftercare is followed, the risks are drastically minimized.— Elayne Angel, رئيس الوكالة

ثقوب لا يمنع: A Piercee's Point of View

ثقوب لا يمنع: بيرسي ’ المادة من وجهة نظر S

أنت امرأة اخترقت, وقال أن, ابحث في عيني ويبتسم.
أنا رفعت رأسي حتى أن أنا يمكن أن نلقي نظرة خاطفة: بريان Skellie, بلدي بيرسير, أن نجاح طعن لي مع إبرة حتى يمكن أن ارتدى خاتم فضة بحجر الهيماتيت في بلدي السرة.

ASTM F136 Updated grain boundaries

مراجعة ASTM F136

واحدة من المواد الأكثر استخداماً لمجوهرات للجسم, the ASTM F136 – مواصفات قياسية المطاوع إيلي التيتانيوم--6Aluminum--4Vanadium (الخلالي إضافية منخفضة) …